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Helpful Tips
Self Storage Units and
Outdoor Spaces

Insure your belongings. If it’s worth storing its worth Insuring. Your home owner's insurance policy may NOT cover any problems or losses. We do not insure your property or cover damage or theft. Insurance is available at all of our locations. Simply pay your low cost premium along with your rent.

For your convenience we sell all the moving supplies you might need including:

Buy a quality disc lock. Regular padlocks are easy to cut.

Inventory & take pictures of what you store for quick reference.

Remember to put any items you need to access often in the front of the unit.

Store heavier items on the bottom and stack lighter things on top.

Label all your boxes on multiple sides to save time when looking for specific items.

Leave a center aisle in your unit for better access.

Store your belongings on wooden pallets for better air circulation and to protect from condensation.

Cover your items with our special design dust covers- mattress, chair, sofa, love seat, etc. Use a dust cover over all your belongings.

Use Furniture pads between surfaces. Wrap your furniture with furniture pads for protection.

Don’t break your back. Keep boxes under 30 pounds. Lift with bent knees.

Fragile Items - Make sure to properly pack fragile items in boxes with packing paper, bubble wrap, or peanuts and label as fragile.

What not to store:

Commonly Stored Items:

Appliances Wedge refrigerator & freezer doors open to prevent mildew. Drain any water that might freeze or create mold.
Beds Disassemble them and tape or tie the railings together.
Mattresses Cover mattresses with mattress covers and store on the long side.
Books Use small boxes to keep the weight down. Store them flat to prevent damage to the spine.
Clothing Use wardrobe boxes for protection. Save them for extra closet space. Use mothballs or cedar chips for added protection.
Dishes & Glasses Use dish packs. Wrap each dish in unprinted paper and put crumpled paper inside each glass.
Drapery Use wardrobe boxes to hang your drapery.

Electronics &


Store in their original box or, buy boxes and peanuts for protection. Be sure to tape down any components.
Garden Tools Store rakes, shoves, hoes, etc. in a garbage can.
Lamps Pack the base and shades separately.
Mirrors & Paintings
Wrap in paper pads and mirror packs. Never store them flat. Clearly mark them as fragile.
Tools Wipe them down with an oily rag to prevent rust.


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